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Trendy Men’s Traditional Sheepskin Coat Will Provide You an Appealing Look

Men’s traditional sheepskin coats are made from the sheepskin pelts. They are luxuriously light, warm and stylish. The lamb pelts make the supple garments with amazing breathability and insulation. Some people prefer to buy faux (fake) because it’s cheaper. Fake shearling may appear to be like genuine the genuine article yet the breathability, protection, strength, and solace can’t measure up to genuine shearling. Also, real shearling is environmentally friendly since it isn’t made from polyester and acrylic, which are petroleum-based fibers.

Since shearling can potentially be passed on to your grandkids, it is much better to spend a little more for a top quality coat than to settle for low quality or faux-fur. You will get many more years of wear for the price. As with any investment, it is important to do your research and select your shearling coat very carefully. These tips will help you choose a shearling coat and show you what to look for.


Shearling coats come in many different cuts and styles. It’s important to select a coat that matches your personal style so that you’ll feel confident and sexy in your shearling year after year. The style is often dependent on the length and construction of the coat. For example, a waist-length jacket is trendy and modern, while a full-length option is the most dignified, elegant, and usually reserved for black-tie events. I prefer a hip-length or ¾-length for a classic, clean-cut look. There are unlimited options for choosing a shearling: vests, hoods, various collar or closure types, or even custom-made.

Quality and Wool-Length

There are more than 100 different kinds of sheep as well as lambskins. During the animal’s life burrs and seeds can get caught in the wool that causes it to fall out. Contributing to this, the time of year that the pelts are harvested plays a big role in quality. When the pelt is harvested early in the animal’s life, the animal has had fewer opportunities to catch burrs in their wool, and their wool will be lighter and softer. For this reason, young pelts have a wool length of 1.5-2.0 inches and are used more often in the highest quality products.

Faux-Fur and Synthetic vs. Authentic Lambskin

The term shearling refers to the way the pelt is worn; with the wool on the inside. Faux-fur jackets, while usually a tenth of the price of real lambskin, does not insulate as well and are often poorly constructed. Look for the word “Sherpa” to appear somewhere on the coat. This signifies that the coat is synthetic.

Men’s sheepskin coats

Many shearling coats will claim to be made of real wool but are found to be real wool stitched or glued to an inferior product. Real wool is nature’s greatest insulator. It can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture and still keep you warm. Also, it’s hypo-allergenic! You will not get the same benefit with faux-fur.

Additional Tips to Choose a Jacket

How To Choose Jackets:

  • Color: While choosing leather jackets, it is important to choose colors that blend well with the other outfits in the wardrobe. Black colored coats blend well with all bright colored shirts whereas brown colored coats are ideal if the other clothes are in beige hues. Choose colors that enhance your personality rather than those which are trendy.
  • Body Type: Men’s traditional sheepskin coats are designed as well as styled differently. So it is crucial to choose outfits as per to the body type.
  • Waist Line: The length of the coat is equally important as it enhances your body shape. Dusters and trench coats may appear shapeless on somebody type.
  • Sleeve Length: Another factor to consider is the length of the coat sleeve. It should never extend beyond the wrist line.
  • Fabric: Choosing the right fabric is equally important as some materials are soft and some are dressier. It is easy to find the right material that suits your purpose as there are different types of materials available today.

It is important to try on the leather jacket before purchasing it so as to ensure comfort and style.

Buy the Men’s Traditional Sheepskin Coat and Make a Charm to Your Look

Jackets and coats have dependably been a standout amongst the most looked for after bits of garments. Fur garments are the most loved of many. These coats are accessible in fluctuated types of fur which can be effectively worn in each season. The nature of fur is profoundly basic with a specific end goal to pick a coat that will last and that you will appreciate wearing. The nature of fur shifts according to the nation of their starting point.

There is a different scope of the fur which can be found over the globe. Shearling is produced using sheepskin. Sheepskin fluctuates according to its accessibility from various parts of the world. Most sheepskin is to a great degree delicate and makes a coat that is light and sturdy.

  • Although shearling coats have recently had a surge in popularity, they are a timeless outerwear choice that has stood the test of fashion time. Fur is one of the oldest forms of clothing in the world.
  • Early civilizations used materials readily available to them for survival. Fur was necessary in ancient times for warmth. Even in the earliest of times, fur coats made from rare and exotic pelts were a status symbol utilized by kings and noblemen to display their wealth.
  • The demand for fur by the wealthy pushed traders to explore new lands and is partially instrumental in the discovery of the New World. As Europeans settled in America, they then competed for the lucrative opportunity to trade fur with the Native Americans.

Most Men’s traditional sheepskin coat coats are an understated fur coat in that the fur side is worn inside with the smooth or suede leather side being on the exterior. This was the most common way for furs to be worn for hundreds of years. It was in the 1600’s that fur was becoming most prevalent for fashion aesthetics as well as a necessity. But it wasn’t until the late 1800’s that the wealthy started wearing the fur side of the pelts on the exterior of their garments. Having the fur exposed added even more allure and prestige to these luxury items.

  • Today, investing in a timeless sheepskin coat or jacket is all about the craftsmanship and the country of origin.
  • Those made in Spain are considered the best in the world. One reason is the climate in Spain produces the most buttery soft and supple sheepskin.
  • Also, the diet and breeding of the sheep have to do with the high quality of the sheepskin pelts.
  • Another country that produces very high-quality shearling coats is Argentina.
  • These countries also have superior artisans that take their craft of turning sheepskin pelts into the luxurious shearling jackets and coats are among the finest in the world.

Men’s sheepskin coats

Every stage of the production process requires great skill to complete in order for high levels of quality to be attained. It takes approximately a year from the time a farmer auctions his furs until a coat is actually ready for purchase and delivery. Buy the right Men’s traditional sheepskin coat and enjoy.

What all you ought to know when buying men’s sheepskin coats online??

Traditional sheepskin coats are something which is never outdated. Be it for men or women, in spring or winter season, these classic style coats can be easily teamed up with almost every type of clothing, be it casuals or formals and looks absolutely sophisticated and classy. These timeless coats are fashionable and will surely outlast all other types of winter wear that can only be used to wear for a few times before they get faded and damaged. Men’s traditional sheepskin coat is basically made with the original quality of leather and even last for several years if kept and maintained in the proper way. These coats are available in all sorts of colors and styles to match each and every personality of men.

Men’s traditional sheepskin coat can also be purchased online on various e-commerce sites that have come up in the recent years and have also become the best shopping place for people. But, before you decide upon which coat to buy, there are certain factors that should surely be taken into consideration. These given tips will help you in narrowing your search and will also provide you with the best assistance in your shopping experience. By considering these points you’ll be able to select the best traditional sheepskin coat for yourself.

Factors to consider when buying sheepskin coat online

  1. Be particular about the style of coat you want:

Sheepskin coats generally are available in several styles ranging from bomber to biker jackets as well as long or short leather jackets. Biker leather jackets are the most common and the most preferred by men as they look classy and luxurious. On the other hand, bomber leather coats are buffed with collars and pockets and are generally liked by corporate and office going men. So, with these amazing styles to choose from, you need to be particular about the style that goes with your look and overall personality.

  1. Choose the color of the coat wisely:

Taking into consideration the color of the sheepskin coat is also very vital as not all colors will look good on you. The undyed coats come in some of the natural colors such as shades of grays and browns from which you can choose the best one. Besides, if you want to give yourself a macho look then you should straightaway opt for black color as black is a color that goes with all personality and gives the utmost men look. On the other hand, you can also choose the neutral color as this is the most suitable color to match all your formal trousers in your wardrobe.

  1. Be careful about your measurements:

When you are buying men’s traditional sheepskin coat online, the most important factor that you should look for is the measurement of the coat. For having the best fit of the coat, it is very necessary that you measure your body carefully and then only proceed further with your shopping. If you are not sure about the measurements, then the best way is to use a measuring tape and take correct measurements of your body especially, chest, waist, sleeves, and neck.

Men’s designer leather jacket

Hence, when you’ve considered all the above-given factors, you can then search for the coats online and order for your favorite one from the most reliable shopping website. Choosing a reliable website is also very important as e-commerce websites that are popular and have a reputation among people are more likely to offer you with original quality leather and are more trustworthy in terms of their customer service.