How Should Women Style with Leather Blazer and Reefer Jackets?

Leather is long term and durable clothing item for all which is trendy and stylish. Traditionally, it was majorly worn by the male population of the society but today, with the change time, women are also attracted to the garment like leather blazers and reefer jackets. They feel confident and carry the attitude with the same. It is often said that the leather jackets are already complete in their way because the look that they provide is unique and out of the way. Still, there are some chances left with the women population to style themselves along with the leather costumes. In case they are confused but still wish to accessorize and apply makeup, they can follow the following tips.

Can accompany with boots- Leather blazer and reefer jackets are generally long so it looks good if combined with dark-colored boots. On the other hand, even though the leather jackets are shorts, women can accompany the same with the boots. The general advice is to wear dark color boots or something contrasting with the leather jackets.

 Avoid gold or any other piece of pieces of jewelry- The look of the people turns to be tough and fierce after wearing leather jackets so it is advised to avoid any jewelry, especially gold. In case women feel something missing, they can wear small ear accessories. It should not be long, hanging or glittering. It is good to use simple and small.

 No restriction on the hairstyle- The leather blazer and reefer jackets often come with standing collars so in case women wish to flaunt the collar style, they can tie the hair to a pony or a bun. On the other hand, they can keep their hair lose and style themselves.

 Easy on makeup- As already mentioned, the look of the leather is tough so it is advised to carry light makeup. It is good to avoid smoky eyes, dark lipsticks and highlighters on the face. The makeup should be basic to keep the look of the jackets upfront. The leather jackets are too expensive sssso the focus of the people should be on the same.

 Accompany with sling bag- Though all the handbags and backpacks will look perfect with the leather jackets, the best choice will be a sling bag. People have to only be careful about the color of the bag so that it is in contrast with the color of the jacket. The same color would not be so effective.

According to the general view of the people, nothing more is required if people are on with the best leather blazer and reefer jackets because they themselves are complete. The only thing that people should know to get the correct product is that they should purchase the same from the right and registered seller. In the case of online shopping, the website must be safe for any monetary transaction.


Three Things You Must Know About Flying/Flight Jackets!!

Sheepskin flying jackets a.k.a. Sheepskin aviator jackets are must-have outfits for autumn and winter season. Whether you are a man or woman, these jackets are something that infuses a sense of luxury and statement to your attire. So, if you haven’t bought one till now or have tired of wearing the same jacket season after season, it’s time to scour the Internet for some of the best sheepskin aviator/flight jackets online.

Also known as pilot jackets, they are classic and timeless fashion pieces that bring life to your wardrobe. Don’t ever get confused by their name. You don’t have to own a plane or a pilot’s license to don this wardrobe essential. So, relax and let us tell you everything you need to know about modern sheepskin flying jackets.

2. Flying Jacket vs. Bomber Jacket:

Bomber jackets have earned a lot of appreciation by fashion-conscious folks around the world. The design of bomber jacket is particularly derived from men’s leather aviator jacket. Many shops and online brands profess the bomber and aviator jackets as the same thing. This is not true, however. The aviator jackets can be referred to as cooler, older brother of the highly-touted bomber style jackets.

Though many modern designers are introducing jackets in the market by incorporating the essential features of both jackets – the thick leather feel and military style of the aviator jacket and trim and tailored aspects of the bomber jacket.

Let’s take a stroll to the history and background of aviator jacket. 

2. History of Aviator Jacket:

The aviator jackets come from the time when people used to fly planes without sides or roofs. Therefore, pilots needed an outfit that can protect them against adverse weather conditions. The ideal solution developed for pilots was the aviator jacket. Even at that time, the aviator jackets were the symbol of elegance and manliness. But, in today’s time, the designs have lost some of the bulkiness that was once a mandatory feature to keep pilots from freezing. Despite this, modern aviator jackets stand true to their original nature and still offer a practical purpose

3. How to Don a Sheepskin Flying Jacket?

Sheepskin flying jacket should be worn with something that complements it. A chunky knitted jumper or slim-fitted t-shirt would work well. When it comes to bottom part, they can be worn with dark trousers. Pale or loud colors may wash away the feel of rugged resplendence. So, avoid such colors, if you want this jacket to be a centerpiece. You can even try jeans or navy colored chinos.

As for the footwear, you can take the freedom of trying anything. However, if you are looking for something that stays true to military style, prefer to put on a pair of leather boots or brogues for perfect outfit coordination. Particularly, you should avoid anything that may counteract the smartness of aviator jackets.

So, don’t sit back. Buy stunning high quality sheepskin flying jackets before most appealing designs are picked by others. Stay trendy, stay cool.


Why is Sheepskin Ear Muffs Getting So Popular?

Brands lock is getting widely popular because of its sheepskin ear muffs which are not only soft but extremely warm. Winters are approaching which will increase the demands of winter clothes, boots, mufflers, hats, caps, and so on. There are some people who don’t like to wear caps or hats during winters thus, sheepskin ear muffs are a perfect solution for them, and this not only prevents them from cold breezes but also improves the overall look of a person.

Sheepskin ear muffs are classified into two categories one is thermal earmuffs which are worn in winters to protect a person’s ears warm with pads and cloth. Other is acoustic earmuffs which are also known as ear defenders worn as hearing protection allowing a person to listen to music by isolating the outside noise. They can be used in the workplace, indoors and other recreational areas.

Key facts about Sheepskin Ear Muffs:

Sheepskin ear muffs are made with the premium quality of fabric and sheepskin which are a perfect solution against the cold weather. They have been in great demands because of its charming properties which are as follows-

  • These ear muffs come in variants of headbands, pretty colors, organic material, sizes, style, and prices which maintain the temperature and give the freedom of choice to the customers.
  • The product is adjustable and flexible to use so that customers can fold them accordingly.
  • Sheepskin ear muffs are designed without creating gender disparities as they are not only meant for females but males can also ensure the optimum utilization of them.
  • It protects the ears from cold breezes by keeping them warm and safe from existing diseases from cold weather such as cough, cold, fever, and headache.
  • These are easy to maintain so you don’t need to bleach and dry cleaned them only soft cleaning in cold water is enough to clean them. In this way, you not only save efforts but maintenance expenses also.
  • They don’t require much space for storage; one can keep them in his/her pockets as they are easily adjustable.
  • Sheepskin ear muffs perfectly blend the combination of warmth, style, and comfort.
  • These muffs offer absolutely comfortable and natural fit keeping the ears warm from the outside cold weather.
  • Wearing them in winters will help in locking the moisture thus, keeping you warm from inside and outside.
  • The classic looks of sheepskin ear muffs not only keep you warm but enhance the living standards of people.
  • The originally made sheepskin ear muffs retain the facility of natural breathing without causing any hurdle in the respiratory process.

To stand against the cold winters wear sheepskin ear muffs that will protect from extreme cold weather and snowy breezes. Visit https://brandslock.shop/gb/41-geniune-sheepskin-ear-muffs for exploring the latest and customized designs of sheepskin ear muffs available for every age-group.


Tips to Differentiate Between Original and Fake Leather Jackets!!

Leather jackets are available in various designs and colors which look very luxurious on both men and women. The style and sense of fashion with leather jackets are very old but it is still in demand because of the new launch and varieties available in the market. Traditionally, the style was limited with bomber jackets or maximum biker jackets but today varieties are unlimited like Sheepskin Jackets for Women, leather blazers and many more. With the huge demand in the market, the manufacturers are taking undue advantage of the same and bringing fake leather jackets for people at the same rate as the genuine one. The leather apparels or accessories are luxurious and very expensive but people make a fool out of themselves by paying the high cost for the wrong product. These situations come before the people due to lack of knowledge which restricts them to differentiate between the original and fake items. This particular blog will help people to identify the right kind of leather jackets and spot the difference:

• Give Pressure on the Texture:

Pressing the texture of the leather is the easiest way to find the originality of the leather garments. In the original piece, the pressure will bring wrinkles and there will be sort of stretch in the outer covering. In contrast, there will no effect on the fake product with the pressure.

• Take a Whiff of the Leather:

The smell of the products brings the reality of the same and similar is the case with the leather jackets. The real products have a distinctive smell that is far away from the duplicate piece. The best way to get the accurate result is by practicing on the products which are real.

• Pull and Check the Pores:

The puling of the leather jackets is yet another step to find the genuine product. There will be an inconsistent pattern of pores in the natural leather whereas the wrong product will have consistent patterns that will be easy to identify. The holes in the duplicate leather jackets are the hair follicles.

• Water Absorption:

The quality leather jackets are the good absorbents of the water but on the other hand, the synthetic or faux jackets will never hold the flow of water. There will be continuous drops of water from the material which destroy the quality.

• Bend and check the jackets:

In this process, it is easy to determine the condition of the leather by bending or folding unusually. The original leather has unique elasticity which changes its tone on bending. The synthetic or faux jackets will not change and remain rigid even after bending.

• Determine the edges of the Jacket:

The edge and other finishing in the leather jackets are the perfect points to determine the right product. The synthetic or fake leather will have smooth and plastic feel in the edges whereas the original will be natural with roughness.

It is essential to check the leather quality in the jackets but when something additional comes with the fashion, it is necessary to also review the same. For example, it is vital to check the quality of fur in the Sheepskin Jackets for Women so that it does give irritation while wearing.

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A Few Important Tips on Buying a Quality Leather Jacket!!

Whether you are looking for a fashion-forward and featherweight leather blazer, or rugged reefer jackets, knowing which style and type are right for you can be a challenging task. So, here are some helpful guidelines to help you choose that perfect jacket that will serve you for many years to come.

1. Type of Leather:

The type of leather you go for is one of the biggest determining factors in a jacket’s feel and function. Remember that there is no best type of jacket; rather, each one has its own special strengths and features. So, before you choose any average looking type leather jacket, consider a few factors about your needs and then choose one that suits you completely.

2.The Durability of the Jacket:

One of the greatest features of a top-quality leather blazer or jacket is its durability. While a leather jacket bought at a discount store may seem like a cheap deal, it won’t last nearly as long nor will it look as good as the premium ones. The investment done on a leather jacket is well worth it, and therefore, it’s important that you choose the one that is of high quality and one that is durable. Remember that when quality lathered blazers are appropriately cared for, they can last for several years to come, even a lifetime.

3. The Right Measurement:

Measurement is another very major factor that you should take into consideration when choosing the right leather jacket for yourself. You should always be clear with your physical measurements, especially when you are buying the jacket online and measure under the arms, your chest, waist, and even across the shoulders very carefully.

4. Workmanship:

The high quality of construction in a leather blazer shows through the attention to the details that are offered by the artisan who is passionate about producing superior quality products for timeless beauty. So, before you buy a leather reefer jacket. Make sure you check the details carefully and give more attention to its stitching patterns and clarity.

5. Cuts, fashion, and extras:

Another feature of quality in a leather jacket is its cut. The care and attention taken in manufacturing a well-fitting and beautiful blazer should always be apparent. Do the zippers of the jacket move smoothly? Does the blazer fit well in the sleeves when you move your hands around? Is the cut of the jacket complementary to your overall body shape? Consider all these questions and choose the right one wisely. Carefully selecting a finely crafted leather jacket will guarantee that you’ll feel and look your best year after year.

On the other hand, many leather blazers and reefer jackets feature trim and lining that offers extra durability and warmth. Other additions such as sheepskin lining that lends amazing insulation for added luxurious warmth and elegance can make a leather jacket truly stand out from the rest.

So, by giving special attention to these pointers, hopefully, you’ll be able to choose the right leather blazer or reefer jacket for yourself. Always remember that a leather jacket is quite a costly investment, so, make sure you choose the best one very carefully.


4 Tips to Style with Women Black Leather Jackets

Black is dark but the color of confidence and grace which is suitable on every individual. The elegance lies within and every color bows down on their knees while competing with the same. Every garment with black is always unusual and when the same combines with women’s leather jackets, it becomes a miracle. The colors available for women leather jackets are several but keeping aside all of them, women black leather jackets are is a huge demand. People often think that black jackets work the best on the bikers or the professional riders but it is never the same. It acts the perfect with all casual, party or professional wears if styled properly. The design, use of flaps, collars and many more acts as the pros and cons in the styling but addition or subtraction in the use of other garments can make it applicable to use in all sorts of dresses. Some tips to style with women black leather jackets are the following:

  • The layering of the knitwear:

Use of the leather jackets starts during winters where people love to cover the body with layers of the cloth to get the perfect protection from the cold and chill wind. The situation can bring style and make the individual stylish. It is smart to have knitwear and over cover it with the leather jackets. The sweater will keep the body warm and the jacket will keep the body away from the wind. The styling will women black leather jackets require light-colored knitwear to give the perfect contrast.

  • Layers of Jacket from Beneath:

It is the fashion sense that the leather jacket is a garment to wear all over other garments but people have to be smart while styling themselves especially when the freezing degree is below 0. It is stylish to layer the women black leather jackets from beneath with a light-colored over jackets. It is a trend to look along with the protection from the freezing weather.

  • Use of Scarf and hat as Perfect Accessories:

Keeping the leather jackets as the focal point on the body, women can style themselves with scarves, hats, and gloves along with leather boots. The color of all the accessories should be contrasting with the black to make an individual presence. A lot of blacks might make look very dark and the black jacket might not be visible.

  • Selection of the Jackets with Extra Padding:

The normal leather jackets are made up of a single layer but to survive the extreme temperature, it is advisable to purchase the coat with extra pads. Such a design of the leather jackets is enough to avoid any combination with knitwear because it can all alone protect the person from the adverse situation.

Women black leather jackets are not only a garment for them but it also gives powerful appearance along with a strong attitude. It is the personal choice of the individual on how to style the same to have the perfect look along with the protection from the extreme weather.

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Top 3 Tips To Help You Choose The Best Leather Jacket!!

A classic and high-quality leather jacket can serve you for a lifetime, provided you keep it in a good condition. Buying a leather jacket is a big investment as good and original quality leather jackets are expensive. Thus, it’s very important to be sure you’re choosing the best one for your wardrobe. You are never old to buy and wear a leather jacket; it’s just a matter of choosing the right one. However, with a wide range of leather jackets for men available in the market, it is quite difficult to pick the best one.

By learning about the most famous leather jacket styles and patterns, picking the right type of animal skin, and giving full attention to the jacket’s lining and details, you’ll be able to select a timeless jacket that is durable, matches your lifestyle and style, and will look better over time.

So, to help you pick the best leather jacket, here are a few tips that you should follow:

1.Determine your Style:

There are numerous styles of leather jackets to choose from. By far the most popular ones are biker jackets, bomber jackets, and double rider jackets. However, to choose the best among them, determine your personal style and go for the one that you really like the most.

2.Always go for the one that has the Perfect fit:

You want your leather jacket to fit you perfectly – not so tight, and not so loose. When trying on the jacket, make sure you are wearing the type of clothes that you’ll probably wear underneath your leather jacket on a normal day. This will help ensure that there is enough space inside the jacket and also it won’t be uncomfortable. When trying your jacket, lift your arms and hug yourself to be sure that the fit is perfect and that you can easily move without pulling the back of the jacket.Besides, if you are buying leather jacket online then make sure you measure yourself correctly before placing your order. Measure your chest, waist, arms, and shoulder size, and purchase a jacket accordingly.

3.Go for Colors that you Like:

The colors that you pick of course depends on your personal preference, but keep in mind that brown and black are the two most versatile colors that will hide any mark and imperfection as compared to a colored jacket. Also, these two colors go with any type of clothing you wear, be it, casuals or formals.

Finally, always remember to avoid corrected leather. This is because corrected leathers are sanded down and further coated with dyes and oils. The coating process certainly removes the original grain and texture of the jacket and often makes it look poor and fake. In the corrected leather jacket, the leather is stamped with artificial animal skins grain that gives it a plastic look and doesn’t look original at all. So, if you want a jacket that looks natural and original then stick with leather quality that is uncorrected or minimally corrected.

So, now that you have these tips, take the plunge and buy the right leather jacket for the coming winters

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Leather Jackets for Men is a Style Statement!!

Leather jackets for men are amongst the outfit which everyone has in its wardrobe. It is a classic piece of clothing which people always wish to keep in their closet. It is something which gives a tough look and also keeps the person comfortable and warm. A leather jacket has the power to lighten the simple t-shirt and change the personality from drab to dazzling.

People are happy when they get the right personality from the correct way of dressing but do people consider it to be easy? No, it is not. Selecting the appropriate leather jacket according to the personality of the person is a challenging task because a wrong selection can create wreck havoc in the style book of the person. There are variants available in the market but not all are suitable for every individual. It is necessary to select the color and style carefully. If you are ready to buy leather jackets for men, you need to keep some points in mind to get the right products.

• Genuineness of the Leather- There are various qualities of leathers available in the market so it becomes difficult to select and identify the genuine product, especially for the first time buyer. In case you are not able to identify the correct leather then try to buy leather jackets from the dealer who assures 100 % guarantee on the item. The perfect way to identify the status of the leather is to know which animal’s leather is used in manufacturing. The coats of lam-leather are light and comfortable whereas jackets from cow or sheep leather are not the best.

• A Proper cut in the Jacket is Important- A leather jacket looks nice if it is tight-fitted. A loose jacket gives a very clumsy feeling and it becomes difficult to maintain that tough look. An exceptional cut in the jacket gives it a perfect look otherwise the tight fitting of the jacket will be uncomfortable for the people. Proper body measurement is essential before the person makes the final purchase. It is good to have a trial session.

• Elegant Color should be the Choice- As already mentioned above, varied options are available in the market but it is you who has to the select the perfect piece. The colors for leather jackets are never restricted but people usually select either black or brown. Black is suitable for every kind of attire as it can easily fit into casual, semi-casual or official occasion. Brown leather jackets are mostly used for casual occasions. The other option for color selection in men jackets is grey.

• Calculate the Correct fit According to the Body Type- Jackets are available in various fit which can make people look slimmer or can give a bulky appearance. It is advisable to choose a bomber-style jacket for broad shoulders and straight-cut jackets for the people who are on the heavier side.

Be the personality that you wish to show to others with the right leather jackets. People can purchase leather jackets for men from online dealers at competitive rates and enjoy living in style with an attitude.

men-s-casual-red-leather-biker-racing-jacket-lamb-nappa-leather-bomber-jacket (1)

The Iconic Leather Jacket : A Classic and Classy piece of clothing for the Man!

The image of a man wearing a leather jacket inevitably brings to our minds the image of a biker or an aviator or maybe even a sailor; someone dashing and daring, a bad boy and a rebel, someone who is different. They tell a story of men who are the personifications of tough and cool and hey it makes fashion sense too… right? I mean if one wants to stand out from the crowd, they need to wear a leather jacket. Naturally Hollywood put in its two cents too in making it popular. Remember Marlon Brando anyone?

Leather jackets, in short, have become iconic.  They are timeless.  They are edgy.

Leather may be around forever but it really went popular at the turn of the 20th century when suddenly it seemed to be everywhere. It has over time become a part of the wardrobe of a fashionable man, it ages when you do; it weathers as you do and it offers comfort and elegance too. Women admire men who can carry leather well. In fact, interestingly, this is one fashion item women have also appropriated successfully. Rihanna has worn it many times.

But ultimately it still symbolizes a man’s man when one is wearing a leather jacket.

Today, leather jackets can be worn by anyone and have evolved into a piece of apparel every man wants to own and do. One doesn’t have to be a rock-star or a biker boy, in short project a tough-guy image. If one can carry one’s self well and with confidence, a leather jacket can make anyone look good and eye-catching.

It is versatile too. It can be worn with almost anything, jeans or even formal trousers. In fact, jeans and leather jacket are the classic combination and a legend in its own right (and probably deserves a whole article to it) and wearing a leather jacket with formal trousers makes one look different than the pack.

Normally, a leather jacket means mostly waist-length apparel however we all know its length varies according to one’s style and aesthetic sense. Can’t we all imagine wearing a leather trench coat and look absolutely cool and dashing? With maybe a scarf which will add a dash of class and color to one’s attire (My imagination is taking flight!)

But one has to be cautious when buying one. A good quality leather jacket can be expensive but hey it lasts a life-time so why not splurge into something which is once-in-a-lifetime purchase anyway! A good leather jacket may be stiff at first but once broken it fits like a glove. These days, there are many types of leather jackets available according to one’s price bracket and even faux leather material is used by many. Especially if you are squeamish or sensitive about actual real animal skin, faux leather is the perfect answer for you.

Then one is the owner of one of the most amazing pieces of apparel ever. Enjoy the feeling of being neighbors’ envy and owner’s pride?

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Leather Jackets – Do Invest In This Menswear Classic!

Very few of the attire from the clothing industry come packaged with as much heritage, attitude, exclusiveness and unfiltered masculinity as a leather jacket. I guess there is nothing as much classy that can challenge the toughness and trendiness of a leather jacket. It has a monarchy in the clothing industry.

The essence of a leather jacket can be best understood by making it the synonymous of punks and pilots, bikers and brands and so on. Indeed, a leather jacket is high-testosterone menswear as well as a surprisingly versatile classic. It would be completely fair to state, “no well-edited wardrobe is complete without the addition of a true quality leather jacket.

Origin of Leather Jackets – From Ashes To Ace:

The origin of leather jackets is deep down in our early civilization. People have been wearing hides and skins since our knuckles used to skim the floor. However, the good use of leather jackets came into prominence in the early 1900s, most notably during World War I. Between then and now, leather jackets have appeared everywhere. It is a standard-issue for scoundrels, mavericks, rockstars and sex symbols.

At present, the attire is likely one of the most expensive additions to the wardrobe. If for no any other good reason, make a shrewd purchase knowing that a leather jacket is one of the few long-term relationships you will have with in fashion.

What Kinds Of Leather Jackets For Men Are Available In The Clothing Industry?

  • A Bomber Jacket
  • A Biker Jacket
  • A Safari Jacket
  • A Trucker Jacket
  • A Harrington Jacket
  • A Shearling Jacket
  • A Denim Jacket
  • A Hooded Jacket
  • A Parka Jacket
  • A Cashmere Jacket
  • A Track Jacket
  • A Classic Cafe Racer Jacket

How Should I Shop For A Leather Jacket?

Honestly speaking, there is no pre-defined price range a leather jacket comes in. there are as many price points as there are jackets. A good quality leather garment is often supple and soapy to the touch. The price usually comes down to the quality and type of leather used. With that said, the only thing you need to keep in mind while shopping for a leather jacket is to make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

What types of leather jacket you should buy, it completely depends on your needs, what sorts of features you are looking for in your garment. If you are after something buttery soft, sheepskin leather jacket should be your prime choice.

When weighing up a leather jacket, don’t stop at the quality of the leather itself. Also, check for the quality of its zips and buttons. Buttons should be made of natural materials like horn and corozo while zips should run smoothly and freely. A cheaply made leather coat barely has high-quality trims.

Summing Up -

So what is essential while shopping for the right leather jacket for men? My recommendation would be to stick to a classic piece. It will give you more options for pairing than you can expect. In other words – versatility is the key while considering making a long term investment in clothing. A good jacket will last forever. So, you had better own a few rather than to buy questionable quality jackets for each season.