Caring for your Leather Shearling Sheepskin Jacket

Caring for your Leather Shearling Sheepskin Jacket

A fine quality leather, sheepskin or suede jacket can be a lifetime investment piece. With little care, it will repay you in terms of comfort, elegance, durability and appearance. You only need to follow a couple of basic guidelines to retain its appearance and increase life.

We already treat our leather jackets during the tanning process, so they are suitable to wear in the rain. The worth-remembering thing is to dry them naturally, keeping the jackets away from direct heat sources. So don’t spread your jacket over a radiator or string it up in front of a fire.

Since your new jackets already have natural oils on the skin that protect from the elements, we strictly discourage the use of any protection products. These products might cause staining or spotting/ or destroy the skin.

You can brush off regular staining easily from a suede or sheepskin jacket with the use of a suede brush.

For this, we would recommend Ace of Suedes (Leather & Suede Cleaning Specialist), who has more than 30 years of experience and 1000’s satisfied customers.

These specialists inspect each item thoroughly before treatment and contact the customer to confirm costs they'll have to bear, timeline and any potential risks.

From cleansing, re-oiling to brushing and finishing – their accomplished and experienced staff, together with the most delicate and professional cleaning processes available, produce excellent results.

Ace of Suedes treat all types of leather, sheepskin, suede, and shearling– including suede shoes and boots!

You can contact them at:

Ace of Suedes 020 8981 3232 / 0208 884 2913


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      May 2, 2023


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