How to Take Care of and Clean Your Leather Jackets

It has been a long time since leather jackets were presented as fashion apparels in the market and still now they are considered to be one of the most luxurious, comfortable, voguish and versatile jackets. We often notice celebrities and our favorite actors wearing leather jackets in a style which fuels our desires to go for online leather jackets shopping and have some in our wardrobe as soon as possible.

But, do you also want them to leave your wardrobe soon? Of course, not! To make sure that they stay in your closet for a long time, you need to treat them as a valuable item should be.

Caring for Leather Jackets

The best way to ensure that your leather jackets remain supple, soft, smooth, clean and look like brand new year after year, their care is imperative. Many of the leather jackets come with care instructions. So, the first step is to read the manufacturer’s label as there might be some important care directions such as how often to waterproof or condition the jacket.

For leather jacket lovers who don’t know how leather jackets should be cared for, here are some simple tips:

Don’t let your jacket wet

You should avoid wearing your leather jacket in rainy weather. If it does get water splashes, hang it out to let it dry immediately before putting away randomly.

Hang your jacket in a correct way

You should never leave your jacket folded for a long time as this increases the chances of cracks and creases in the leather fabric. Instead, you should hang it on a wide, padded hanger in a well-ventilated wardrobe. Never hang it directly in the sunlight because this will cause fast discoloration. It is essential, especially for suede.

Keep the jacket away from heat

When a leather product is put near a radiator or a heating vent, the heat will dry out quickly and make the leather brittle. So, you should always keep your leather jacket away from heat sources.

Use a leather conditioner

Leather material always loses some of its moisture naturally. Using a good quality conditioner on finished leather can enhance its life.

Don’t prefer to clean it at home

Unless you have experience or are not bothered about the irreparable harm to your leather jacket, you must not attempt to clean your leather jacket at home. Some cleaning labels on jackets may suggest that you can clean that jacket at home, but it won’t do any good to your jacket apart from reducing its life, luster and quality.

Cleaning Your Leather Jacket

Even if you are taking proper care of your leather jacket, you should still give your jacket to a professional cleaner at least once or twice a year, depending upon how often you use it. The professional cleaner knows exactly which cleaning process is suitable for your jacket – wet or dry cleaning based upon the type of leather, hue, and style and also knows how to remove a stain.

So, if you really like to order online leather jackets, flaunt in front of your friends and want to keep them with you for decades to come, keeping all these tips in mind and following them will really help you protect your investment.


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